Wednesday May 22nd 2024 10:27:02 AM, GMT + 2
Osaühing Artime Consulting
Registration number: EE12103099
VAT number: EE101545040
Postal address: Box Nr. 3089 Tallinn Post Office, 10504, Estonia
Telephone: 00372-567-695-68

Invoices/ items

1.) Touring car (station wagon necessary for transport):


Please send to the following address, preferably by registered ("Polecony") mail:

Mario Alfredo Pedroso
30-960 Krakow 1
Skrytka Pocztowa 73

1.) Boots:

Size: 45, reliable.

2.) Winter jacket:

Size: large.


1.) Dentist:

Recurrent pains.

2.) NMR scan of brain/ internal organs to detect possible damage caused by satellite attacks.


3.) Optometrist.

Glasses might be needed.

Examples of how the (French) military has been stealing from me
(Satellite attacks on my brain and threats on laptop's audio as I type)